Love Lose Live published 4 February 2016

Love Lose Live

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Divorce is a Rollercoaster

Publication: 4 February 2016 by Focus Mediation

Paperback - ISBN 978-0-9935176-0-0
(320 pages) £8.95

eBook - ISBN 978-0-9935176-1-7 £5.95


LOVE LOSE LIVE is now available to order on Amazon as an eBook or paperback. Click here to purchase.



Divorce and separation are among the greatest traumas we can experience. Office of National Statistics figures reveal that 42% of marriages end in divorce, half of these within ten years of marriage. By the tenth anniversary of moving in together, almost 40% of cohabiting couples will have separated. Love Lose Live, a novel by mediator and family lawyer Mary Banham-Hall, is a contemporary and informed observation of divorce and family breakdown seen through the eyes of the Bailey family. The story of separation uncovers the emotional tumult which each character experiences, and along the way there are some unexpected consequences – some bewildering, some desperate, and some hilarious. The thinking, actions and reasoning of the children and adults alike are carefully conveyed, as is the grief felt as the marriage ends and everyone finally moves towards recovery and new lives.

Beth and Simon Bailey are the couple at the centre of this fast-paced and ultimately life-affirming narrative. Beth thought she and her husband were working through problems in their marriage. Simon, however, was wondering whether they even had a future together. When Simon starts an affair with the alluring Harriet, suddenly there's no way back. Beth and Simon’s three young children are caught up in their parents' fighting at every turn...

In her Afterword, Mary Banham-Hall explains with clarity and insight the different stages of loss and grief which follow separation, giving examples from her novel, and sets out her view of how divorces might be better handled by the legal profession in the future. She also provides an alternative ending – one in which the Baileys go to court rather than accept, albeit belatedly, mediation as the way forward.

Love Lose Live is a story – long overdue – of the emotional and psychological motivators, the iceberg beneath this chronicle of twenty-first century divorce, and illustrates more clearly than any self-help manual the importance of helping couples to separate well and build their separate futures and those of their children constructively, fast and affordably.