Love Lose Live published 4 February 2016

Why everyone should read Love Lose Live

With the statistics for family breakdown soaring, most people will experience the effects of separation or divorce in some way. If they are unlucky, it will be them. If not, it will be other family members or friends. No one is immune.

Love Lose Live: Divorce is a Rollercoaster follows the story of just one family's separation and journey to divorce and sweeps you along with pace and excitement. It’s an entertaining – "Oh I can't bear it!" – and instructive – "Now I get it! I wish I'd known that, it would have so much difference." – read for everyone, whether you’re experiencing separation and divorce, know someone who is, or whether you’re trying to help separating and divorcing couples personally or professionally.

Mary Banham-Hall, mediator and family lawyer, author of Love Lose Live: Divorce is a Rollercoaster, published 4 February 2016.